Sponsor a Kid to participate in Trail Blazers Summer Camp


Since 1887, Trail Blazers has been where children and teens go outside to grow within. On our unique 1000-acre forested campsite, young people unplug from technology to connect to nature, to themselves, and to each other.Staff from all over the world guide campers in exploring our trails, building outdoor skills, and learning to steward our environment. Our 50-acre Lake Mashipacong awaits for swimming, fishing, and boating.

Instead of competitive sports, Trail Blazers focuses on collaborative and team-building activities such as low-ropes and high-ropes challenge courses.The highlight of the trip is the Vagabond, a multi-day backpacking expedition. After a full day of adventure, campers fall asleep in a canvas tent under the stars, no cabins here!

As generations of alumni can tell you, the impact of Trail Blazers is memorable and life-long. 90% of campers step into the world prepared for its challenges, demonstrating statistically-significant growth in at least one social-emotional competency connected to long-term success after just two weeks.

The two-week Outdoor Adventure program is $1600 per camper and covers all food and transportation (from Brooklyn, Newark, and Paterson); campers just need to bring themselves, a willingness to try new things, and the items in the next section.

Trail Blazers also offers campers opportunities to challenge themselves and try new things with several intensive programs developed with partners and additional program elements:

  • Canoeing/Biking – $1700
  • Rock Climbing – $1800
  • Farmstead – $2500
  • Leaders in Training (4-week program for teens): $2000

As a child, Shad had the opportunity to attend community-funded activities, and Trail Blazers camp was one of them. Trail Blazers took an inner-city kid from Brooklyn, NY to the Appalachian Trails in New Jersey for 21 days. During this time, Trail Blazers helped Shad develop a sense of self-awareness while instilling in him strength and persistence. To keep his memory alive, we will be partnering with our first non-profit – Trail Blazers Summer program.